How To Design Digital Products for Every Generation

The generation in which we were born influences many things in our lives, including our relationship with technology. As a result, it’s valuable to consider generational demographics as you design and develop your app. 

Knowing your audience can be the key to a successful digital product—one that even makes or breaks a business. Anticipating user behavior and implementing best practices starting at the fundamental UX and UI decisions can save you time and money and all but ensure a great user experience.


To Gen Z time is valuable, so they don’t entertain anything they don’t want to. 

If Gen Z is one of your target audiences, (—and it should be 🤑) make sure your digital products are fundamentally designed to ensure a great user experience for this group.

A few practical ways to do this is by providing them with: 

  • Swift interactions and zero hang-ups

  • Straightforward functionality

  • Authentic content they can relate to


Millennials place a high value on experiences over things, which led them to leverage technology to fuel the experience economy. Saying bye to the fast cars and expensive purses their parents coveted—Millennials prefer to spend money on concerts, events, travel, and more. 

Digital products with a Millennial audience should consider:

  • Providing tools that let them control their digital time and energy
  • Shaking up the user experience with digital moments of delight
  • The potential in being flexible in "the way things are done"
  • Creating solutions that enhance their real life

Gen X

Generation X grew up right before the rise of computers and the explosion of technology. Collectively, their pragmatic nature challenged norms and social standards and gave way to culture-shaping institutions like Google, Facebook, and Tesla.

Many Gen Xers were tech early adopters and continue to embrace it. They’re highly connected and at the peak of their lives—juggling careers, raising kids, and caring for aging parents.

Digital products aimed at this demographic will need to:

  • Streamline their day-to-day tasks
  • Anticipate and deliver valuable solutions
  • Prioritize data transparency


As this powerful demographic navigates age, they’re turning to tech to maintain their quality of life. Baby Boomers seek to age gracefully by valuing health, embracing new businesses and hobbies, and prioritizing family. By taking their needs and preferences into account, companies can effectively design and develop products that resonate with this demographic.

When designing and developing mobile and web apps for Baby Boomers:

  • Design with them in mind
  • Employ age and accessibility considerations
  • Prioritize their desire to share and connect

Best Practices for All

Knowing how to niche down can be key—but there are still best practices to designing for all.

  • Prioritize the user experience
  • Employ personalized and predictive technology
  • Serve up valuable, authentic content

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