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InspiringApps is an award-winning mobile and web app design and development company based in Boulder, Austin, Portland, Chicago, and beyond. We help clients bring ideas to life through custom apps for phones, tablets, wearables, and other smart devices.

Design & Development That Delivers

Design and development work together to deliver a fabulous user experience. Design is more than pretty colors and flashy animation—it's the how and why of the app development process, deeply ingrained throughout the entire project. The best digital products are intuitive, engaging, and one of a kind—and we’re sharing a few of our favorites.


Movie Pear

iphone mockups with app design for Movie Pear (Intro screen + movie screen)
Movie Pear illustrations (movie theater, concessions, tickets)
Movie Pear logo (light teal and pale yellow pear with a movie reel inside next to the wordmark "moviepear" in dark gray
Movie Pear icons (video reel, grammy, tickets, clocks, navigation point)
Movie Pear color palette (pale yellow, light teal, dark gray)
Movie Pear typography (Helvetica font typed out)

Fidelity National Financial

iPhone mockups with Fidelity app design
Fidelity illustrations (woman lounging in chair with phone, man in suit talking on phone, woman on a computer video chat, man sitting in chair looking at phone)
Fidelity logo design (blue mono-lined 3D isometric buildings with the workmark below in all caps and in black)
Fidelity color palette (light gray, medium yellow, medium blue, dark gray, medium gray)
Fidelity typography (Poppins font typed out)
Fidelity icons (yellow mono-lined envelope email, phone with app, map with location dots, multiple computer windows)
Fidelity pattern (blue building graphic mark from logo arranged like a puzzle)


iPhone mockups with Empath app design
Empath illustration (solid rainbow circles and outlined rainbow human head silhouettes all within the container of a circle)
Empath logo (rainbow flower with the workmark in black next to it)
Empath color palette (medium purple, hot pink, orange, yellow, green, blue)
Empath icons (simple mono-lined style of different facial expressions/emotions)
Empath typography (Helvetica font typed out)
Empath pattern (solid rainbow circles and outlined simplified faces showing different emotions)

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